15 hour car ride with a 15 month old

Madelyn riding in the Chevy Traverse to Savannah, GA

Who loves vacation? Who loves vacation when you have to travel 15 hours in a vehicle with a 15 month old? I DO! I DO! Especially when you're traveling in the Chevy Traverse!

We left around 8:30 p.m. so Madelyn could sleep. And of course we were traveling in style in the new Chevy Traverse I have been driving this month for Mid-Michigan's Chevy Girls on the Go !

Thankfully our plan to leave at night so Madelyn would sleep through most of the car ride was actually a success! She woke up a few times but all and all, she did awesome. The Traverse was definately comfortable for her to ride in... she loved it. She especially loved it when we were able to flip down the built in DVD player so she could watch Elmo. Oh she was a happy baby then.

As you can see from the picture inserted, the Chevy was PACKED with everything we owned. LITERALLY! haha! At least it seemed liked we had everything we owned in the vehicle. We packed it to the max and there is no way we would have been able to take everything we wanted ahd we taken our normal family car. The Traverse was absolutely PERFECT for the long trip we took to Savannah! We had so much fun.

The most fun I bet we had was not only seeing our family, but seeing Madelyn see and experience new things for the very first time.

~Liz Media Mom