A new mommy and daddy at NBC25

Dillon Collier and Jenny Suniga welcome their daughter, Tessa Marie.

This is a special blog dedicated to the happy first time parents Dillon Collier and Jenny Suniga! Our sports director and evening anchor welcomed their first baby into this world Wednesday afternoon. Little Tessa Marie Collier. She is beautiful!

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To Jenny, you will LOVE mommyhood. Welcome. Already you have begun the most important journey you will ever be given to go on. Being a mommy is the best feeling I have ever felt in my life. Looking at your little girl, knowing she lived in you for all of those months, you gave her life. I am so excited for you.

To Dillon, being a daddy to a little girl is such a special thing. Just by looking at the light in your face in the picture, tells it all. I am so excited for the two of you.

May God continue to bless both of you guys and sweet little girl.

~Liz Media Mom

Jenny and Dillon welcome Tessa Marie Collier