And then there were FOUR

My baby girl with her cousins who stayed with us. Silly Faces!

The chaos arrived on a Wednesday! JUST KIDDING! I mean... yes, it was a chaotic five days, but they were so much fun. Four kids. Logan, 7, Katie, 6, Madison, 4 and finally my little girl, 16 months old -- my other nephew was over most the time as well... lets not forget about Owen, 2 years old.

Yes. Really.

My oldest sister, Amanda and her husband dropped their three kids off and they were off to Las Vegas for their anniversary. Good luck sis!

Let me just say this. Four kids... is SO much more work than one. haha! I know... as if I had to point the obvious out. There was one point where it was just crazy!

I let the kids play outside on the back porch and told them to stay there. They were coloring the back porch in rainbow sidewalk chalk when one wanted to come in from outside, I said, "no way, go around to the front door so you don't "rainbow the carpet" when you come in." Well like a minute later, she wasn't inside yet from running to the front of the house... so I immediately think, "GREAT! Someone kidnapped my niece, my sister is going to kill me! Where is Katie you guys?!"

As I am rushing trying to find Katie... I also had to worry about my 16 month old daughter who is wandering around the house. I pick her up, place her on my hip and continue yelling for Katie. When I finally find her, my heart finally comes to somewhat of a halt. Now let me clarify, when I say I couldn't find Katie... she was fine. I just freak out. And it doesn't help that I read and watch television shows about missing kids, Hey it can happen to anyone!

(To answer your question, Katie was simply "cleaning up" she said before she came in on the side of the house.)

Anyway, stupid me, I forget to shut the back sliding door and next thing I know... Madelyn has fallen outside! Yes! She FELL! haha! I shouldn't laugh, because it wasn't funny at the time. I think I was more freaked out than Madelyn was. Thankfully she has pretty much mastered the art of "falling." She caught herself with her little hands. I picked her up and she had rainbow chalk all over her cheek from the kids coloring the porch. Oh man!

All and all, it was a very fun weekend. Madelyn LOVED having her cousins over! We all had a really great time. My younger sister Sarah and I were also able to pile all the kids into two vehicles and take them to the zoo! They loved it.

It is very difficult I must say, trying to break up and settle fights between the kids while trying to make sure the 16 month old isn't plunging to her death and the two year old isn't trying to be a "big boy" is definitely as hard as it sounds. haha!

So after the weekend... yes, I still want more kids.


Media Mom