Beating deals BETTER than the sale price Save with COUPONS! / Brett Dickie

Everyone loves the word FREE! Or atleast "close" to free, right? saves me hundreds of dollars on my trips to the grocery store. I am NOT even kidding you. It's all about COUPONS COUPONS COUPONS! And really, anyone can do it. It's not rocket science. Honestly.

In Shayla Merinsky's recent savings tip Tuesday morning on NBC25 Today, she talks about coupons that are like GOLD to you. Coupons that will DOUBLE making your product FREE or just mere CENTS! (no joke). What you have to do is locate a store near you that doubles coupons. Some will double to 50 cents... but another group of stores even double DOLLAR coupons. It's really genius.

If you don't coupon, you should.

If you DO coupon and aren't saving like a TON of money... and I'm not talking five to ten dollars here and there. I'm talking about saving 50, 60, 80 even 90 percent on your bill! Totally doable! Honest.

If you missed past coupon tips and you want to know where to FIND coupons-- look in your Sunday paper. On a personal note, I grab three copies of the Detroit Free Press every Sunday. Shayla will be back with another tip on the most IMPORTANT tip of couponing! So important that you won't even be SUCCESSFUL if you aren't aware of it.

GOOD LUCK!~Media Mom

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