Behind the scenes with Dorothy Zehnder and the Bavarian Inn

Dorothy and Liz at the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth.

From the woman who began it all, Dorothy Zehnder, 89, is finally revealing her much anticipated cookbook. The cookbook, "Come Cook With Me," features 290 recipes, an 80 year collection of recipes, wisdom and stories from Dorothy's life as Bavarian Inn's much beloved Matriarch.Sitting down and being able to talk to Dorothy was an honor on my end. She is such a delight to talk to. Dorothy has so many stories to tell and I had such a good time sitting and listening to several she shared with me on a personal note. I enjoyed hearing her stories from she was she just a young girl when she would cook with her mother on the farm. She also told me stories of when she and her husband Tiny first opened up the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth in 1950.

"At first I was a waitress here for three years then I got married to the man across the street in 1950 his family bought this place," Dorothy Zehnder said. "Later on they were going to sell the restaurant but me and Tiny decided to take on the restaurant and became the managers. The rest is history."

Dorothy is planning a year long celebration for her new cookbook, kicking off with Mother's Day. Every mother who dines on Mother's Day, May 8th, 2011 receives a gift from the Bavarian Inn family. There will also be special gift packages available for mothers, including the cookbook, will also be available to purchase.

The cookbook is also filled with pictures narratives that start with Dorothy's childhood memories on her parent's farm, her 62 year marriage to her Husband Tiny, her family, all the way up to the demanding task of bringing the Bavarian Inn into the 21st Century.

You can purchase the cookbook online.

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