Concerned citizens of Saginaw unite

A west Saginaw shopping center is filled with customers passing by the memorial where 49 year old Milton Hall was shot and killed by police. State police are now investigating. 6 Saginaw officers admitted to firing at least ten shots, because Hall, they said, was acting aggressively with a knife.

Ajhani Owusu and her 7 year old son said they remember the day vividly. They had been shopping and were sitting in the car nearby when police surrounded Hall.

"It's hard for me, they killed him but also killed something inside of me," cried Owusu.

Since the shooting, 6 officers have been on paid administrative leave. Neither the state nor Sginaw police are commenting as the investigation is still underway. The NAACP is calling for transparency in the process.

"We really need to come together as a community, get the answers to the questions around the shooting why did it happen and why it happened the way it did," said NAACP member Terry Pruitt.

It is a request others have as well and that is why they have formed a group called Concerned citizens of Saginaw, hoping for answers and closure.