Dog Park Day

On a chilly but sunny Saturday afternoon when you don TMt want to do housework, you TMre broke from the holidays and the husbands doing farm stuff| what do you do? Well, I decided it was the perfect day to take the pups to the dog park for the first time.

I haven TMt had the opportunity to visit any dog park before, so I was excited to try the Frankenmuth dog park out with Leo (a 2 year old black lab) and Lola (a 3 year old terrier/boxer mix). Lola is always overflowing with energy, so the idea of taking her to a place where she can run and plan and most importantly use up some of that energy sounded like a good idea. So off we went.

While the hills behind the dog park were full of sledders, the dog park was empty, which surprised me. So, I was able to park rather close to the gate. To enter you go through one gate into a small pin area, then through another gate into the fenced in dog park.

It was a rather large fenced in area, plenty of room for the pups to run and play. They have agility items, like a bar to jump, tunnel to go through and even a hoop to jump through, however the only agility my babies tested was to see how agile their noses are.

We spent about an hour there, played catch, walked around and enjoyed a sunny winter day. Now, they are both passed out at my feet snoring.

I TMm looking forward to revisiting the dog park and hopefully letting my babies socialize with some other pups in the near future.

The Hund Platz (Dog Park in German) is located in Frankenmuth TMs Memorial Park on Tuscola, just easy of M-83.