First blog post

Figured that in my first blog posting I should introduce myself, my name is Karen Petzold and I TMm the Interactive Manager at NBC25. What that means is simple, I get paid to play online all day! Basically, I add and refresh content on this website to keep you informed and give you cool things to check out.

Outside of work, I TMm a former city girl who moved to the country and married a farmer. I TMm also an avid online gamer, yes female gamers do exist. Currently I TMm addicted to Second Life and World of Warcraft. That may sound lame to some, but I find them a lot of fun.

I am also always surfing online to find new and different websites. I think that a lot of my blog posts will be sharing some of the crazy and cool stuff that I find online. Since you TMre reading this, obviously you like to spend time online as well.

I TMm also following along at home with our Mid-Michigan TMs Biggest Loser competition and taking advice from Sandra Garth from our One Body One Lifetime section. I TMll be the first to admit that I TMve got a few extra curves, and I TMm working to lose them. So, as I find things that work for me, I TMll share them with you.

I TMm hoping that my blog can be a casual place to write about fun stuff and share my crazy thoughts and ideas.