Flint City officials say Hasselbring Community Center will reopen Wednesday

Flint's senior citizen population is strong. They gathered this morning to show their displeasure with the city and voice how important the Hasselbring Community Center is to them.

"I came to Hasselbring because I was learning computers. I am computer illiterate," said Flint senior citizen Gwendlyn Turner.

The locks are coming off and a new party is taking control of Hasselbring after four days of speculation.

"I thought it was the county but its not the county it's the city," said Turner.

The United Senior Network is subcontracting the center to their for profit division called Loving Hands.

"Itâ??s just the subcontractor is a different thing than simply this is our employee and he or she is the director," said Genesee County Commissioner Pegge Adams.

The change creates a questionable future for former Hasselbring administrator Charles Young who commented before the city announced the reopening.

"I retired; they didn't offer any other position or anything to me. It was either take the retirement or be unemployed," said Young.

The details of who is personally in charge of the center have not been released. Only that the center is opening for normal business tomorrow.

"It is valuable to the community it is valuable to the older people they come up here and some of them depend on this center for lunch as well as fellowship and they have no place else to go," said Turner.

The centers patrons say getting Hasselbring open is most important but getting the community involved in the way it is ran is yet to be seen.