Foods to avoid during pregnancy

When a woman is expecting a baby life changes for her in so many way. It's no longer about what's good for her, it's about what's good for both mom and baby.

Nutrition is probably the most important part of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. We all know it's important for mom to eat healthy, it's also important for mom to know what foods to avoid during pregnancy. Some foods out there are said to have harmful chemicals and bacteria that can be very dangerous for both mom and especially baby.

Lunchmeat is a food doctors tell you is best to avoid. Dr. Joseph A. Kingsbury practices Obstetrics & Gynecology in Grand Blanc. He says, "The worry there is infections from listeria which is a bacteria that's been associated with early pregnancy loss."

Other types of foods to avoid is cheese, caffeine in moderation, some seafoods due to high mercury and liver.

When I was pregnant there were few foods I avoided altogether. Lunchmeat was one of them. I did drink caffeine in moderation but I stayed away from diet beverages. Every pregnant woman is going to decided whats best for her and her baby. I have friends who would eat lunchmeat but stayed completely away from caffeine. I also tried not to eat a whole lot of seafood, although I did have tuna fish at times.

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~LizMedia Mom