Miracle baby still touching lives

Baby Kaidyn Terrell Lewis, 8 months old.

At eight months old, Kaidyn Terrell Lewis is still known today as a Miracle Baby. He was born two months early, at just one pound five ounces.

Kaidyn TMs parents had five miscarriages before the tiny infant was born. When he came two months early, they feared the worst, but doctors knew he was strong. The moment he was born he was kicking and screaming. The doctors came out and said you have a fighter on your hands, and fighters survive," Kaidyn TMs dad, Terry Lewis, describes.

While doctors knew Kaidyn was a fighter, Terry and Alicia Lewis were told their son had only a 50% chance of survival.

He was immediately put on a respirator until his lungs were strong enough that he could breathe on his own, which wasn't soon after he was born. Doctors were surprised at how strong his lungs actually were.

Despite being born extremely early, there were miraculously no other issues. The tiny newborn spent sixty-six days in Hurley Medical Center TMs NICU, and finally went home in October, weighing three pounds and fourteen ounces.

Terry says, he brings a joy to your heart| he smiles at you or just for no reason puts his hands on your cheeks and brings you closer."

Nearly a year later, Kaidyn weighs ten pounds, and is a healthy little boy. The only concern doctors have is that he should be gaining 1/3 of an ounce each week. So doctors are keeping an eye on the little "fighter" to make sure he continues to gain weight.

On a personal note, Kaidyn is just a little angel. Listening to his parents share their story brought tears to my eyes. He has touched the lives of so many. Alicia and Terry say they are involved also with the Chidren's Miracle Network.