Rescued dog Daisy is recovering at home with new owners

Daisy hanging out with new sibling. / Chad Britton

Tuesday NBC25 checked in on the dog that captured the hearts of many people in Mid-Michigan.

Daisy is recovering at home with her new owners, who live in Flushing.

Daisy had to undergo two surgeries last week, one for a broken leg and another to fix her left hip.

Her rescuer and new owner, Mary Schaap and daughter Paige were able to take Daisy home Monday.

"She's been up and walking around a lot which I didn't expect. We've been doing the range of motion on her leg and everything. We're getting it nice and flexible," said Paige.

Mary found Daisy, malnourished and abandoned in the woods a few weeks ago.

This all started when Mary saw an ad posted on Craigslist saying they knew someone who saw a skinny Boxer tied up for hours at the corner of Branch and Carpenter in Genesee Township. It also stated that when the person went back to check on the dog, it had somehow gotten loose and was no where to be found.

Mary could not shake the image of the dog tied up out of her head. She and her daughter went to the area searching for the dog and found her. The dog was in bad shape. She was malnourished, had worms, and one of her legs had two fractures.

Mary and her daughter decided to keep the dog, and named her Daisy. Mary took the dog to a veterinarian's office and was told it would cost quite bit of money to operate on the two fractures.

They then started a Facebook page and the story took off. The page got hundreds of fans within hours and NBC25 picked up the story. Donations started to pour in and enough money was raised to operate on Daisy.

The road to recovery was not easy, shortly after the first surgery the veterinarian discovered Daisy would need a second surgery. Luckily the donations continued to pour in, and when Daisy was strong enough she underwent a second operation.

Daisy is now adjusting to her new home.

"She's got her cage that she loves to sleep in and she's getting along with the other dogs really well," said Paige.

And the Schaaps have not forgotten the generosity from the community.

"It was truly amazing and we never expected that we would have gotten the reaction that we did."