Review of the iPad2

The iPad2 by Verizon Wireless / Kris Russo

IPad2 from Verizon Wireless


The IPad2 is 9.7 Inches of an amazing LED screen. It has an amazing high gloss screen just as the original IPad, which makes for brilliant colors however it make it hard to use the devise in various lighting.

The overall design for the IPad2 from Verizon Wireless is very similar to the original IPad. The IPad2 is ever so slightly slimmer then the original, but it wasn TMt overall to much that I noticed it when I compared my IPad vs the IPad2. The design of the buttons is different enough to make it noticeable; there is slight bevel on the edge of the IPad2 that isn TMt there on the IPad. The buttons all sit down in the bevel, which I found made it slightly more annoying, actually find them. Everything is in the same spots as the original IPad so finding the sleep/wake, mute, lock, and volume rocker are simple once you get past the bevel


The IPad2 from Verizon Wireless has a beautiful screen, it is super high gloss, which looks amazing in certain places but also makes it extremely difficult to do things in the most common lighting. I got a screen protector for my personal IPad, which I have noticed, helps immensely with the glare and protection of the screen. I would highly recommend including this with your purchase when considering buying the IPad2. (I recommend the Zagg the Offical InvsiableSHIELD)

When the IPad2 from Verizon Wireless goes out on the road with you for work, without the right screen protector the glare makes it a useless tool for the on-the-go person as it turns into a rather large expensive paperweight. I did enjoy the fact that I had the Verizon Wireless 3G service no matter where I was. With my personal IPad I chose not to get the 3G service and have it just run off WiFi, but I have found when using it for business purposes running it on just WiFi stinks.


There is a front and a rear facing camera which is a nice feature when wanting to skype with friends; however I found it to be slightly useless when out on the road needing to use a camera. The camera is more for shooting video then anything. It has a HD 720p capability but for still pictures there doesn TMt seem to be any sort of auto focus or a stability feature.

The IPad2 is too big and too bulky to make it easy to take pictures and I found that steadying the tablet was more difficult also. When I had it propped up against something that was holding it steady for me it was easier to take pictures. However I still found it to be a hassle, if you need to take a quick picture, just whip out your phone, snap-snap and your done. With the IPad2 when I was playing around taking pictures I found they were either blurry or out of focus and that I need to delete it and try it again, that happened over and over again.


There are several ways to get music onto the IPad2 from Verizon Wireless if you don TMt want to use a service such as Pandora or Slacker Radio. It can also, either connect via USB and sync it with iTunes play lists and pod casts. For those who are familiar with Apple products you know you can only sync it with one computer that has ITunes on it, so make sure all your music is on the one and only computer you are going to sync it with, otherwise it will clear off all the music and re-sync it with the second computer you connect and sync it too. I learned that the hard way!

Battery Life

The battery on the IPad2 is fabulous; it can go days without recharging with moderate use-age. It has everything to do with the dual core chip that is running the IPad2 from Verizon Wireless and that helps save the battery life.


The IPad2 is running Apple TMs A5. Which makes it faster then the original IPad, however when having them side by side I did not notice that much of a difference.

The internal storage is no different then the previous IPad it is available in 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB, however Verizon Wireless offers only the 16GB and 32GB.


I love my personal IPad!! I think I would like the Verizon Wireless IPad2 even more, oh yes I would, so if anyone is feeling generous and wants to get me one for Christmas, I sure wouldn TMt tell them no! I very much like having the convenience of not having to find some sort of WiFi connection somewhere so I can get work done that I need and then I could take it everywhere I go! Not that I don TMt take my personal IPad out to various places, but sometimes I just can TMt because there is no connection. If I had to do over again, I would definitely get the Verizon Wireless IPad2 with the 3G so I wouldn TMt have to be tied down to specific areas only.

My suggestion, you want one, whether its for work or personal use, go get one, you won TMt be disappointed!


Processor: 1GHz dual-core Apple A5, custom designed, high-performance, low-power system-on-a-chipStorage: 16GB or 32GB availabilitiesScreen: 9.7 Inch, LED backlit glossy widescreen " Multi-touch display with IPS technology 1024x768 pixel resolution at 132 ppiCamera: Front and Rear cameras with HD video capabilitiesAudio: 3.5mm headset jack Connectivity: Verizon Wireless 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1Dimensions: 9.50 (h) x 7.31 (w) x .34 (d) / ~1.34 Lbs

Opinion Piece Author: Kris Russo, NBC25 Account Executive.