Secret to successful coupon shopping

Organizing your coupons

One of the most annoying things about coupon shopping is gathering your coupons and coming up with some sort of way to "organize" them. Some people who use coupons DON'T organize and I can only imagine how frustrating that really is once you get to the store. "Where did I put that coupon? I swear it's in my purse somewhere!"

Shayla Merinsky, founder of says if there is a secret to coupon shopping, she would have to say "organization" is right near the top of the list of becoming a successful coupon shopper.

"Some people who come to the Savingsmania class to learn how to coupon, come with all of their coupons just thrown into a bag," Merinsky says. "This method of organizing your coupons is not going to work and people who organize like that are not going to save much money. "

Everyone is going to organize differently. What's working for one people, might not work for another. And that's ok.

Some people might organize their coupons in a binder, or possibly in a box separated by categories, whatever works for you, but organization is key!

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My last coupon shopping trip was a HUGE savings! My total bill was $150.00, after coupons I paid $34! That's a great savings if I ever saw on.

~LizMedia Mom

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