Tax-Time Levity: 10 Ridiculous Deduction Attempts Part 1

Author: Dave Boike, Retirement Resources

The perennial nature of tax time does nothing to assuage the overall stress, anxiety, frustration, procrastination and general loathing associated with the chore of preparing your income taxes. For those who prepare their own taxes, the strain can seem particularly acute, yet even ensuring you've provided all the necessary documentation to a paid tax preparer can be stressful.

This year, countless Americans will labor over mountains of paperwork, hunt for rogue receipts, itemize ad nauseum, and search for every possible deduction to ensure they don't overpay even a single dime to Uncle Sam's outstretched hand. And when it comes to deductions, you might be surprised at the creativity â?? or plain stupidity â?? of your fellow taxpayers. So, as the dark cloud of the April 17th deadline looms, I thought Iâ??d attempt a little humor by relaying a few anecdotes of ridiculous and outlandish deductions desperate taxpayers have attempted to declare that shockingly, didn't pass the proverbial IRS muster.