Tiptoeing around the grass

Me and my baby girl in our shades on a beautiful spring day.

I think it's safe to say spring time is finally in the air. It's been so awesome being able to get Madelyn outside. Last year she was just so little to even remember what "summer" was like! So this is her first REAL summer. Her first REAL time feeling the sun on her face and the warm wind on her skin.

She LOVES to walk around outside. Even if we're just in the driveway, it seems to be one of the many highlights of her day. As she walks around though, she is determined NOT to walk on the grass at all. Yes, that's right, grass is the enemy. Haha!

At 15 months old, everything is so new to her. She walks on the sidewalks just fine. But if she comes to a corner, she has to tiptoe around making sure not to touch the grass. I just love it so much. The determination on her face as she makes her away AROUND the grass just makes my heart so happy. As if she were saying to me, "I will not walk on the grass... I will not go NEAR such a place,"

Even if I pick her up and place her on the grass... she seems to be content standing there until I offer to move her. The other day though, I will admit... she sprinted at me very hesitantly, into my arms to get off of the grass.

Watching her explore this world is just so precious to me. Seeing her face light up in the sun or watching as the wind takes her breathe away when we step outside. I love being her mommy and most of all, I love being by her side every step of the way as she learns a little more about her world each day.

Thank you God, for the blessing of mommyhood.