Tired of covering your child's eyes? What happened to quality tv and movies?

I can't even turn on our television at home or even rent a movie without the fear of my daughter being subjected to trash! What happened to the days when we grew up? Although, some may still call me a "baby," but honestly, what happened to the quality 30 minute sitcoms like Full House, Who's the Boss, Family Matters, or The Cosby Show? We don't have shows like that anymore. I almost feel like I should go and buy the old TV series of the shows I used to watch to share with Madelyn. I rented " Driving Angry " over the weekend starring Nicolas Cage. I like Nicolas Cage as an actor. But this movie didn't last 15 minutes in my DVD player. Right from the start, the language was horrible, (which I lived through, whatever), but as time went on, next thing I know the girl is walking in on her fiance and it's turned into a PORNAGRAPHIC film. I turned it off immediately. I was watching with my husband and mother... the room was silent... I said, "well that's enough of that." My husband and I spent the next few moments discussing just how bad it's getting today. It just makes me so mad to think of the films and television shows our kids are growing up with. Look at reality television! Bridalplasty is a recent reality show that has young women who are living with low self esteem, battling against each other to win an "extreme plastic surgery makeover" for their big day. What happened to teaching our kids how to love themselves, to teach them the way they were born IS beautiful! Or what about the more popular shows, Keeping up with the Kardashians , Real World, Teen Mom, (this show I know some find very appealing, and some arfue it's "helping" teens NOT get pregnant... still...),The Real Housewives of where ever, the list goes on and on and on! A bunch of television shows that are trying to teach our kids unrealistic ways to live their lives. It's all about how you look, how much money you have, etc. What are your thoughts? What steps do we as parents take in changing the direction we are heading in this society? Do we have to go as far as taking the television right out of the house? ~MediaMom