Toddlers should wear life jackets 24 hours, 7 days a week

Madelyn, first boat ride of the summer. Cool in her shades.

Madelyn's first boat ride of the summer was an adventurous one. Last year she was just a little baby, this year she is more of a BIG GIRL! Where is my little girl going? haha!

The one problem Madelyn has with summer time and boating... is her life jacket. She HATES it! And I can't help but laugh a little, while at the same time, feel so bad for her. She just looks so uncomfortable. It's hilarious though when she falls with her life jacket on because not only is it meant to protect your child while in the water, but honestly parents, we should keep a life jacket on our children 24/7; Especially the infant type life jacket!

She's almost outgrown her life jacket, but she is still getting some use out of it before she weighs 30 pounds! eek! You see, the infant life jacket has a flap that also comes up and sits behind the head. So when she stumbled around and fell, it was a cushioned fall each time and I didn't have to RUSH to get to her. It was a wonderful feeling.

Nonetheless, Madelyn had a great time in the boat, but it wasn't long before she wanted off! Deep down though, she wanted OUT of that life jacket. The infant life jackets are just not built for comfort. She can hardly wait to get into her big girl life jacket!

~ Media Mom