When a father becomes a daddy

Bill, my husband and Madelyn, my baby girl.

On this Father's Day I can't help but reflect on the last 17 months as I've watched my husband grow into not just a "father," but a daddy. Gosh, I always say, it's one thing to be a "father," but it takes a dedicated, loving "father" to be a "daddy." And I have to say, Bill, my husband, the man who made me a mommy, couldn't be any better of a daddy than he already is to our little Madelyn.

What I love the most? Watching Madelyn's little face light up when her daddy walks into the room. She just loves him SO much. I love watching, as soon as he gets home, before anything else, he greets his daughter with a big, "HI TOOTSIE!" Oh the nicknames he has for her just make me smile and melt. And he's gone through plenty.When Madelyn first arrived into our lives, she was my "baby girl(z)" Yes, I know there is a "Z" there. And actually, if I can even spell this out right. I use what I call the "mommy voice" and it comes out... "Hi Baby Giurz" haha! I know it "reads" funny, and I'm sure even when I say it, it "sounds" funny, but I love it and she does too. That is until she turns about 6. . Her daddy on the other hand, when Madelyn was brought home, Madelyn was immediately called "witsies," or "itsy witsy..." then it was "tootles," and finally even after a couple more I am sure, the one that sticks is, "tootsie" or even better, "toots." It's TOO cute! "Hi toots!" As I write this I can hear him saying it now and it just makes me smile.

Bill is what you would call a "super dad." You don't hear that often. You hear "super mom" A LOT! But "super dad" fits him well. For example, working this crazy shift, 3:00 to eleven(ish), it gets pretty crazy for me during the week. My sleep schedule is constantly changing depending on the day. Bill, he's tired too. He works full time and has a more stressful job than I do. Anyway, while we're sleeping, and if Madelyn wakes up, we both pop up and go about business.

I'm usually the one going to get the baby, changing her diaper and by the time I am done with that, Bill has already warmed up her bottle and then we meet at the fork in the road, who gets to go rock Madelyn and feed her in her bedroom, and who gets to go back to bed? It's a toss up! And usually we play it by, who seems the most tired? I just love it. It's out little thing we have just teamed up to do, and it works.

It's so nice to find "ways" that work in parenting. "Ways that make you become a team." It's really a great thing.

I love when daddy plays with Madelyn on the floor. Oh they love playing chase and Madelyn just giggles the whole time, Some of the best times is when we are all on the floor playing chase!

At times I will come out into the living room after cleaning up the kitchen or what have you, to hang out with Bill and Madelyn, and I discover them together, just RELAXING on the floor. Madelyn, thumb in mouth, armed with her blanky, watching Sesame Street, and Bill, bless his heart, spooning her from behind to keep her safe, while dozing off from a long day at work. I'm sure he doesn't know, that for a second, I just stand there, and stare at that moment. A moment I wish I could freeze in time. There is just so much love.

When I am home with our "baby giurz," I'll get a text from "daddy" while he is at work. "What's Toots doing?"

I'll send him a picture, the most recent was of her swinging on the swing in our backyard... I had just finished hanging it up on the tree for her.

"Aww Toots is having so much fun out there!" Even though Bill was at work, his mind was at home. Another moment where I felt so glad to call him her daddy.

On this Fathers Day I can't help but reflect on the last 17 months as I've watched my husband grow into a "daddy."

I look forward to each new day I have with my husband and baby guirlz, each day is a blessing, each day is a gift. Which is why each night before I lay my head down to rest, I look at both of them and say, "I love you."

Happy Father's Day to all of you daddy's out there!

And a special Happy Father's Day to my Dad! Dad, I love you so much, thanks so much for always being such a big supporter. My number one fan! Not once have you ever told me my dreams were too high to reach. You're the best dad ever! I love you... BIGGER THAN THE WHOLE SKY!