Healthy Home: Pex Tubing

This Healthy Home report is sponsored by Holland Heating and Cooling.

Copper plumbing lines like these are great and have been used for dozens of years to supply our homes with the water we desperately need. One of the biggest drawbacks to copper is the time it takes to install it, the ever rising cost of copper itself and also the difficulty factor in making repairs.

This is what’s called PEX tubing. Pex tubing has been in use since the 60’s in Europe and since the 80’s here in the states. It continues to grow in popularity in new homes and existing homes alike.

This is not only a snap to install but there are many advantages this material has over conventional copper plumbing. First off :

• It is flexible, making it easy to install and service.

• It’s highly resistant to chemicals found in the plumbing environment

• Flexible systems are quieter than rigid piping.

• The smooth interior resists scale buildup and corrosion that can affect the amount of water that travels through the pipes

• Finally, labor to install this plumbing is about ½ as much as it would be for copper plumbing.

Instead of having to solder joints together using a blow torch and a prayer, PEX tubing clamps together with this special tool and these aluminum bands that keep it leak proof for many years to come.

No messy glue, no blow torches, just a sharp pair of cutters and some crimped or compression fittings and your plumbing professional can turn a whole days job into just a few hour masterpiece.

For more healthy home tips and videos, tune in next time. Working to keep your home healthy and safe, I’m Jeff Lee