Healthy Home: The Holiday Spirit

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This Healthy Home report is sponsored by Holland Heating and Cooling.

Ahhhh… it’s almost Christmas, my favorite time of the year. Y’know, normally within our Healthy Home segments, we not only show ways to keep your home healthy and safe but we also help those who may be in need of a healthier home. Today, we just wanted to take a moment to encourage you in the spirit of holiday giving to do likewise and help someone else who may be in need this holiday season.

The bell ringers are out in full force once again and giving cash donations is a certainly a great way to help as there are many great charities that are in need of funding, especially around the holidays, but that’s not the only way to give someone a hand up this season.

Donating some time to help those at the local shelter or the food bank is a great investment to make. How about donating some old toys or coats, hats and gloves for kids who may wind up going without if it wasn’t for the generosity of wonderful people such as yourselves.

Even closer to home, maybe you have an elderly or disabled neighbor who could simply use to have their driveway or sidewalk cleared from snow. And I’m sure you’ve seen enough Healthy Home segments where you may even feel comfortable sharing the joys of WD-40 with someone who may have a squeak that needs fixing..

Whatever the reason, any excuse is a good one to help someone out this holiday season, yeahhh buddy!

From our entire staff here at Holland Heating and Cooling, NBC25 and Fox 66, we’d like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!

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