Flint residents flood city hall over frustrations surrounding the on-going water crisis

A few dozen people took their anger over the lack of progress in recovering from the water crisis to Flint City Hall. The protest was organized by the non-profit group called Flint Rising. Many in the crowd frustrated over a recent decision by the State of Michigan to discontinue water credits on water bills. Organizer Nayyirah Shariff says it could lead to bigger problems for residents who are already dealing with so many issues.

“In the ways that matter, not much has changed for Flint residents. Now they want to take our water credits, which may lead to more shut-offs. We shouldn’t have any water turned off until the water is safe to drink without filters. More importantly we shouldn’t really have to pay for it either,” Shariff says.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver announced she is requesting a face-to-face meeting with Governor Rick Snyder to address why the state discontinued the water credits. More information about a possible meeting should be available Monday.

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