Water shut off at Flint apartment; residents evicted

Joel Feick NBC25/FOX66

Despite a picturesque view of Kearsley Lake, the Lakeside Apartments have fallen into disrepair.

There are broken windows, most units are vacant, residents say the garbage hasn't been picked up in four months.

Despite all that, the Brown family has been willing to live here.

But since they moved in, they've had no heat.

Brandy Brown says, "we're spiraling down and I'm getting scared. I have kids. we gotta bathe, I don't know what else to do."

And as of Thursday afternoon, they had no water.

After repeated warnings, the city shut it off. A city spokesman says it was $60,000 behind in its water bill payments. The owner of the complex, who lives in St Louis, was unavailable to comment.

"We gotta move. I got kids. I can't live here with no water. I have no other option but to move," said David Martinez.

Martinez says that he's not sure where he will go now.

The 42 unit apartment complex is very familiar to the United Way.

The head of that agency says back in November it helped eleven families find somewhere else to stay.

In the meantime, according to a city official, the complex owner allowed others to move in, despite challenging living conditions.

Martinez added, "I've been pretty much angry for two months because I have no hot water, and now this happens. "

David, Brandy and the kids will be helped with another place.

But the city has warned at least 18 other homeowners, they may be next if they don't pay their water bill.

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