Allergies? There is an app for that

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It's allergy season and, if you haven't noticed, good for you.

The good news is, relief and prevention may be as close as your cell phone or tablet. There are several apps designed to help you navigate the sneezing and wheezing seasons that are such a huge part of life in Michgian.

There is a also a new gizmo that can help you with at least one available app. It's a spinoff of Amazon's Echo called Dot.

The Dot is a much smaller version of the Echo, which helps connect you with Alexa.

If you haven't heard of Alexa, the app is a cloud based voice service that can answer just about anything you can think to ask.

Alexa is compatible with Zyrtec's Allergycast app. It provides allergy forecasts and planning tools for pollen and the weather. It breaks down pollen by type and offers tips to help you cope.

You can get all of this information for multiple locations, and track your symptoms.

Another free app is's Allergy Alert. It has one to four day allergy forecasts, and flags dominant pollen- ragweed, grass, maple, goldenrod and more.

Allergy Alert also offers risk information for asthma, UV levels, coughs and colds. It also offers a symptom tracker.

Web MD's allergy app does all of the above, and more. Along with the symptom tracker, and allergen forecasting, it boasts a large library of articles, covering a variety of allergy information.

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