Are DIY beauty products a "do"?

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If you are a pinner, "Googler or beauty blog enthusiast, you can find plenty of recipes for homemade skincare products.

Something all-natural may sound like it would be a great choice for skincare, but Dr. Bishr Al Dabagh of Michigan Dermatology in Flint Twp., says be careful with that word.

"I think there is a big movement out there to have more natural treatments, more natural products, and natural doesn't always mean good."

Just look on pinterest, and you will find a ton of recipies for homemade skincare. Oil is a key ingredient, but go easy if you tend to breakout.

"If your skin is prone to that, you are going to want to stick with a product that's non-comedigenic or non acne forming," says Dr. Al Dabagh

"Non-comedigenic" on the lable means a product is less likely to clog your pores. If you are whipping up a batch of beauty, keep in mind, coconut oil is highly comedigenic. Shea butter, and flaxseed are low on the scale. Grapeseed oil falls somewhere in the middle.

Dr. Al Dabagh says it's a delicate balance, "It's about the amount. It's about the delivery. It's about doing it in a controlled manner."

Just because a beauty recipie has natural ingredients, or worked for someone on the internet, doesn't mean it's a good idea for you.

"Rubbing a lemon on your face isn't nescessarily the answer, or an orange, because those could actually be caustic to your skin."

Ultimately, Dr. Al Dabagh issues a word to the wise:

"I wouldn't necessarily take advice from everyone out there."

No matter what you pin or put on your skin, Dr. Al Dabagh says you should make sure your go-to beauty product is sunscreen. Sun damage not only puts you at risk for skin cancer, it is the cause of much premature aging.

Ask just about any dermatologist and they will tell you, broad-spectrum SPF of 30 or higher is an every day must, especailly for any part of you that gets sun exposure during the day- even when you are just driving your car or walking around.

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