Bras are important running gear

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If you are a female runner, probably the most important gear investment you will make- next to your running shoes- is a good sports bra. Statistically, most women are wearing the wrong sized standard bra. Running bras are no different, and the mistakes don't end there.

No matter what sport you do, the right bra becomes increasingly important with the intesity of your workout.

"If you are running, hou're going to have a lot more movement than if you are doing yoga," says Emily Doyle, of Runners Athletic, in Saginaw, "There are lots of different sports bras that are made for different activity levels and can help control movement in different ways."

Support is everything. But, before I tell you what to look for in a sports bra, I need to stress something very important: You should should only be wearing one bra at a time. Yes, a lot of women wear two, in hopes of getting proper support.

"Horrible idea," Emily says, "It's really not good for you in terms of comfort. And it's not great for your breasts either, to try and control the movement by just adding more layers on. So really, buying an appropriate fitting bra is way better than wearing two."

The best way to make sure you are wearing the right size is to let someone who knows their stuff fit you- someone like Emily.

"If you are one size in a certain bra, or a certain sports bra, you might be another size in another. So to be fitted properly, so you know your true band and cup sizes, is very helpful. And it gives you kind of a range to work with when you look for different styles as well."

There are degrees of support. If you are a runner or high-impact athlete, Michigan made brand, She-Fit, has an interior set of clasps, and an outer zipper for maximum support.

"The product is really awesome because it is incredibly adjustable," Emily says, "And it can fit sizes all the way from XS to what she (She-Fit's founder) calles '6-Lux'. So there is a huge size range and a lot of ways that you can adjust it to customize for yourself."

You will probably spend a minimum of 50 dollars for a high-quality, maximum support bra, especially if you are larger busted. Runners Athletic has cup sizes up to a "G".

"When you consider the importance of what you are getting, and the frequency with which you will be using it, the cost evens out and makes it worthwhile," Emily says.

Investing the time and a little extra money will ultimately save you some pain in the long run.

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