Covenant ER expansion geared toward seniors' needs

A Saginaw hospital is rolling out the red carpet for seniors in need of emergency care.

Covenant hospital has a new 18-room area inside its ER specifically designed for people aged 65 and older.

Non-slip floors, specially painted walls, and large-print clocks are among the comforts available.

The people who run Covenant's senior ER say their goal is to offer a mind-body, holistic experience.

"Now we took and we built up our social workers and now our nurses do an assessment for do they need social work,” said Patrice Lanczak, RN-BSN of the hospital’s ER.

Make sure you tune in Thursday morning, on our sister station FOX 66 Mornings.

Our Leslie Toldo will have more on the senior ER and what patients can expect.

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