Hot tubs may be more than a relaxing soak

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Hot tubs have really changed. They've been around since the early 1980s. Back then, they had just a few jets, but now, the sky is the limit.

"This is called the rainpower jetpack. It has 42 jets and the jets in one seat and it's very soothing. Not very powerful, but very soothing," says Tim Conroy of Macksoods of Flushing.

The manager of the spa and pool store likes to show off the various removable jetted seatbacks that customers can order for a custom spa.

"There are jetpacks that are powerful. there are jetpacks that pulsate. there are jetpacks that massage your neck and shoulders. "

Hot tubs are not just about bubbles, certainly not anymore, Conroy says, "You have jets pulsating and working muscles, so you have sore muscles and you have jets working sore muslces. It's like getting a massage."

A nice, and very warm massage. Yes, Conroy says, the "hot" in hot tub serves a very important purpose, "The heat from the water increases circulation. so the reason why athletes have always used hot water thearpy is that it increases blood flow, so you get bloodflow to your knees and your joints."

That can be helpful for joint and muscle recovery, inflammation- even some types of arthritis, he adds, "So some people instead of taking drugs our ibuprophen will get on a regimine of sitting in the hot tub- and they just feel better."

And Tim says if you are worried too much tub time will take a toll on your skin, there are ways to help prevent that, "If you get trained properly, to use less chemicals in your spa, so your skin won't dry out nearly as much."

A warm, soothing soak before bedtime may also help you sleep a little better.

If you are looking at getting a hot tub, you are going to pay anywhere from 2-thousand to 12-thousand dollars or more at Macksoods.

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