Stretching is a must if you exercise


Stretching is something most people know they should make part of a workout, but we often drop the ball. With Crim Training starting tonight, there is no better time to make stretching a priority.

Whether you run, walk, hit machines at the gym, if you are working out, stretching is a must, says Genesys Athletic Club trainer, Dusty Meyers.

"It just helps to prevent injury, stifness, soreness the next day."

The question of the ages when it comes to stretching is "when should you stretch- before or after your workout?"

The answer, Dusty says, is either... or both, "You just don't want to strech cold muscles, so if you strech at the beginning of your exercise, warm up first. So, after about a ten minute warmup, then you could do some stretching."

To really get the full benefit of stretching, make sure you follow the golden rule- Dusty says, don't rush through, "Hold each stretch about 30 seconds."

So, stretch before- or after- or both, just make sure you do it. Make stretching part of your workout, and plan and spend 5 to 10 minutes doing it.

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