What to eat on your run

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Crim training is on, and pretty soon, the distances will get longer. The farther you go. the more likekly you'll get hungry. But what can you eat when you're literally on the run?

After about 45 minutes of running, your body will need water, but it will also probably need fuel.

"At 45 minutes, you wanna take about 100 calories," says Saginaw registered dietician Maggie Rettelle, "Thirty to 45 minutes later, you would want to take in another 100 calories."

Rettelle says there are actually several products made just for runners, like goo, gels, and gu-chomps. These may not sound appetizing but they serve a purpose, "Each of them contain a different amount of nutrients, but it's mostly carbs. It's mostly just a sugar-based product that you are getting some quick energy from."

Quick energy, and quick calories. If you are running to lose weight, just know that even seeminly innocuous running snacks can add up the calories.

Eating too much during a run can cause stomach issues, as well. So can eating too much protein- another reason to read lables on your in-workout snacks.

"Protein while you run, it actually requires more of a digestion process than a simple carb, so therefore you could also possibly get some side stitches," or other stomach issues, Retelle says.

Of course, she adds, you can eat normal foods when you run, "Some people use Cheez-Its or some crackers and that can satisfy the need for some solid food."

The important thing is not to wait until you are hungry on a run to eat. Rettelle says your body should have consistent fuel, "If you get hungry, you are basically at a point where you definitely needed to have something beforehand."

You can find the runner specific snacks at running specialty stores, as well as some large, chain sporting goods stores.

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