High fashion pets


Clothes for pets? Scoff all you want, but plenty of people go out of their way to have sharp-dressed pets.

"They do. they do," says Luginia Srygley, owner of Doggie Delights in Davison, "We have one customer in particular who is amazing. She brings her little dogs in and buys them matching outfits. So they absolutely enjoy shopping for their dogs."

Luginia says some pets seem pretty happy sporting couture, "Some of the dogs won't wear clothes at all, and the ones that do seem to enjoy wearing clothes. And, the ones that do, feel amiss if they are not wearing clothes."

Not every outfit here at Doggie Delights is a one-of-a-kind, but Luginia says the clothes you will find here are hardly what you would call "off the rack", dah-ling, "All of our clothes now are entirely handmade. We have a couple of things from before we met our lovely designer Diana, who designs and makes all our clothes. But, mostly, all handmade. "

And if you want something specific- just for your pet- Doggie Delights can do that, too.

Luginia says they not only do special orders, they can custom fit your pet, "These clothes are extra-small, small, medium, large, but if that fit isn't quite right, we can have it tailor fit just for your dog.

You can even keep your pet's measurements and custom patterns filed away, for future purchases.

The clothes cost between ten and thirty dollars.

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