10 year old poses suggestively in Vogue magazine

10 yr old Thylane Blondeau poses suggestively in French Vogue.

/ Good Morning America

Wearing an extremely low-cut blouse and provocatively sprawled out on a bed, a 10 year old French Vogue model has received world wide attention.

According to the, photos of Thylane Blondeau, a French little girl, have sparked a debate over the sexualisation of young girls.

According to ABC News, Blondeau has been in the fashion limelight since she was 5-years-old, likely sparked the adult facial expressions seen in her photo shoots.

According to the dailymail, the suggestive photos, have paved the way for a recent Government initiative in the UK to enforce restrictions on the sexualisation of children in the media and sexual content in advertising.


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