100 new jobs headed to Owosso bus manufacturing plant


Owosso may be a small town but the impact of a new contract at Midwest Bus Corporation is huge. Officials expect 100 news jobs to be created. The new jobs are a result of a two year, $31-million contract with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

For some workers at the company that refurbishes buses, this is a sign of job security in tough economic times.

Aaron Platt knows first-hand what it means to be unemployed.

â??Iâ??ve lived here most of my life,â?? says Platt. â??I've seen a lot of people go in and out of work, including myself,â?? he adds.

Now, Plattâ??s three months on the job at the Midwest Bus Corporation in his hometown.

â??It means a lot for my family,â?? says Platt. â??It allows me to put food on the table, no worries anymore,â?? he adds.

The worries of unemployment may soon fade for a lot of people in mid-Michigan. Thanks to a new contract, the hums of bus manufacturing are growing louder in Owosso.

100 new full time jobs are headed to this plant.

â??Itâ??s flattering,â?? says Platt. â??The fact that what we're doing has brought enough attention---that it's actually being noticed in the public,â?? he adds.

The work here is also grabbing the attention of Governor Rick Snyder.

"100 jobs in Owosso or any place in Michigan is important because we're talking about people's families and the chance to be successful and grow and have a place where we can keep our kids here,â?? says Snyder while touring the plant Monday.

Taking that chance at success right here in Owosso---in fact, Platt is letting his friends know, the now hiring sign is going up.

"They actually told me that if I know any workers, people that need jobs---their only requirement is someone that wants to work,â?? says Platt.

This project is the companyâ??s larget in its 33-year history.