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      1,000 families fed in Flint

      A woman receives food during the giveaway

      Feeding the hungry is quite an undertaking. Wednesday afternoon, local charities passed out 25-pounds of food, each, for 1,000 families.

      Event organizers tell NBC25 in the first few days, 800 vouchers were given away. They say the need is so great and the supply so small.

      Abundant Life Ministries in northern Flint, along with the Children's Dream Center of Flint, and Feed the Children served as hosts for the massive meal giveaway.

      The 115 volunteers struggled to keep up with those needing supplies. However, they still smiled through the stress giving away crates of compassion.

      Volunteer James Earl delivered several boxes of food and supplies. "I love it," says Earl. "It's a good feeling. I'm just happy to be here."

      Those in line, from old to young, are here for the same reason.

      "Everybody's coming together when people need things and no matter if you need a little of more. Every little bit helps," says Flint's Richard Niver.

      Flint's Hershie Woodall says, "I'm on disability. I have been since 1999, and I'm so thankful to have something other than my little check because it's not meeting my needs. So this is for my family, 13 children, and I'm doing my best."

      Flint's Regina Beehler says, "I'm going to feed my son and us and very much appreciate the help."

      Many of those in line tell NBC25 the first opportunity they got to help someone else out, they're taking it.