12-year old shot in the face overnight

12-year old Stephon is recovering after he was shot in the face Friday morning.

â??I don't understand why somebody would do that, knowing I got (sic) two children in here,â?? says Stephanie, Stephonâ??s mother.

Stephonâ??s mother was too distraught to go on camera Friday.

â?? I just threw my kids on the ground. I mean what else could I do?,â?? says Stephanie. â??Bullets was (sic) flying everywhere,â?? she adds.

Stephanie was asleep when gunshots erupted.

â??It was two people. One was in the back and one was on the side of the house because it was shots coming from both sides of the house at one time,â?? says Stephanie, describing the situation.

Neighbors on Flintâ??s east side don't understand why someone would target the home.

â??I was freaking out like I hope he's good, I pray to God he'll be okay,â?? says Deedee Wylder, who lives nearby.

â??What (sic) would a 12-year old kid be involved with some shooting?,â?? says Tammy, a family member.

Police are still looking for suspects but this family isn't sticking around and neighbors don't blame them..

â??I donâ??t (have to) live like this. I do not and I refuse to put my kids through this,â?? says Stephanie.

â??I hope they can find another neighborhood that is good (sic) and better than this neighborhood,â?? adds Wylder.

If you have any information, youâ??re asked to call Crimestoppers at 1-800-422-JAIL