13-year old charged with murdering his brother

Photo provided by family

A Flint 13-old is in juvenile lock-up tonight, charged with two counts of murder.

The Genesee County prosecutor says he's charging the boy as an adult but family members are pleading for leniency.

Family members say the 13-year old looked up to his half brother, Kareem "Remy" Walters.

They also tell NBC25 News the 13-year old boy has a long history of mental health issues and doesn't realize what he did.

It's a tragedy tearing this family a part.

â??(I) just don't even know, what we just lost,â?? says Nasiyah Johnson, the victimâ??s sister.

â??I don't know what happened and Iâ??m really distraught because my son is gone and his little brother is in jail,â?? says Karen Burnes, the victimâ??s mother.

A 13-year old boy is charged with the double murder of his half-brother and his brother's girlfriend.

â??I forgive him because I don't believe he really, really understood or knew what he was doing,â?? says Burnes.

Police found Kareem "Remy" Walters, 22, dead of a gunshot wound, Sunday morning.

â??He looked up to my brother, I just can't believe it,â?? says Johnson.

Waltersâ?? girlfriend, Alexis Frazier, 28, later died at the hospital.

Genesee County prosecutor David Leyton is charging the teenager as an adult.

Leyton says this crime is no accident.

â??He don't (sic) need to be charged as an adult now,â?? says Burnes. â??He don't know what he done. He needs to get mental help,â?? adds Burnes.

This family is now coping with burying one son and defending another...

â??He loved his brother to death and he's gone. My son is gone,â?? says Burnes.

NBC25 News is not releasing the 13-year old's name because he is a juvenile. He is in the county's juvenile detention center and is expected to be arraigned August 6th.