1,300 Michiganders sign up under Affordable Healthcare Act

Healthcare navigtors like Maryum Rasool are helping people enroll in the new exchanges.

Deborah Parker doesn't have health insurance.

â??It would take one whole paycheck just to pay for insurance through my job,â?? says Parker.

That's why the Flint resident is trying to enroll in the new healthcare exchange.

â??Prevention care, medication...just everything so you can function, stay working, not be sick,â?? says Parker.

â??It has been a steady flow, it's starting to pick up,â?? says Maryum Rasool, lead enrollment specialist for Hamilton Community Health Network.

Rasool is helping people enroll in the new healthcare exchanges but she's running into some problems with the website.

â??Itâ??s down for a period of time then comes back up,â?? says Rasool.

Hamilton Network enrolling 300 people so far. Officials say patience is key.

â??There are glitches in the system, we've seen some of that but I think now it's gotten better, we are able to get people signed up,â?? says Clarence Pierce, C.E.O. of Hamilton Community Health Network.

â??If you just hang in there and wait a little bit, you can come back to the website and you'll be able to access it,â?? says Rasool.

It's access, Deborah Parker hopes she gets soon.

â??A little excited that t I can go to doctor on a regular basis and not worry about costs or how to pay for it,â?? adds Parker.

Hamilton Community Health Network officials say theyâ??re also enrolling people by phone and using paper applications.