16th victim comes forward in serial killer case

Anthony Leno, stabbing victim in Toledo, Ohio.

Breaking news Monday night in the serial killer case.

A 16th victim has come forward, claiming to have been stabbed nearly three weeks ago.

The victim, who is a younger black male, says the attack happened when he was walking down Pierson Road near Flemming Road in Flint around three o'clock in the morning July 27th.

He says he was stabbed repeatedly.

Police say the description of the suspect in this attack matches the serial killer's.

This comes on the heels of news the slasher crossed state lines, he's believed to have attacked in Ohio and Virginia.

The Leesburg Police Department reached out to law enforcement in Flint Sunday, after they found striking similarities in violent crimes that have hit Northern Virginia since last Tuesday night.

And Monday, the Toledo Police Department did the same.

We are going to get this guy, and we are not going to stop working until we get him," said F/Lt. Patrick McGreevy with Michigan State Police.

At a press conference in Flint Monday, Michigan State Police say Flint's serial killer may be linked to several other stabbings across the country, most recently, this Saturday in Toledo, Ohio.

NBC24 in Toledo reports the victim is Anthony Leno.

He TMs a church custodian who was attacked after giving directions to the suspect.

The description of the suspect's car matches the one released by Michigan State Police, and looks like the one in this surveillance photo.

It was taken in Leesburg, Virginia, only a day before.

"1999-2000 Chevy S-10 Blazer, it is a four door with a dark green upper body," said Chief Joseph Price of the Leesburg Police Department.

The Leesburg Police Department says the serial killer may have left Michigan last Monday and traveled to Virginia to attack three people last week.

"We are comfortable, but are never certain that there is a distinct similarity between our cases and the cases in Michigan, said Chief Price.

The first victim was a teenager jogging alone Tuesday night.

"The young man felt a sharp pain in his back, noticed blood, saw the male suspect flee," said Chief Price.

Then, around six Thursday morning, another man was stabbed at his apartment building.

He lost a kidney; he is in very guarded condition," said Chief Price.

And last Friday night, a 19-year-old man was hit in the head with a hammer after the suspect asked him for help with car trouble.

This individual, a white male, was attacking our victims, simply based on the color of their skin," said Chief Price.

Despite these violent crimes, Leesburg Police are telling Virginia residents to continue on with their lives.

Because when you allow someone like this to influence your lives, to the point where you lock yourself up, they've won," said Chief Price.

However, Flint's mayor is asking residents to take extra precaution.

"Vulnerable individuals who may be living alone, we don't want anyone out on the streets late at night," said Flint Mayor Dayne Walling.

Because police say they're not sure where the serial killer will strike next.

The Toledo Police Department says they haven TMt been able to get a detailed interview from the victim because he is in critical condition with a collapsed lung.

Leesburg Police in Virginia say their three victims are expected to fully recover.