17-year-old Tonquinisha McKinley shot, killed at pre-prom party

A 17-year-old Saginaw High School student is dead and three other girls injured when multiple shooters opened fire Thursday night before Saginaw High School's prom.

"These kids can't even go out and enjoy themselves without all this nonsense that's been going on

," said Samuel McMillon.

What was supposed to be a joyous occasion Thursday nght turned deadly when police say multiple shooters shot at a group meeting in the parking lot of the Florence before the saginaw high school prom...

Four female victims were shot.

17-year-old Saginaw High School student Tonquinisha McKinley died.

The other victims include 18-year-old Uniqua Wicker, 19-year-old Raven Howard and 39-year-old Pamela Jordan.

"They were there to celebrate end of school year and to move on and now one of their classmates won't be moving on because of the criminal elements that exist in this community that we need to eradicate



said Sheriff William Federspiel.

Grief counselors were available at Saginaw High Friday.

Meantime, Saginaw officials are preparing for Friday night's Arthur Hill


"We're encouraging our students to make sure they don't gather in large crowds at location and just do it at private houses and come to the designated spot for prom,"

said Sofia Mosley, Saginaw School District.

With the help of grant funding, the Saginaw Sheriff along with Michigan State Police and Saginaw Police will be beefing-up patrols throughout the night Friday.

"Our goal is to make sure everyone is safe to help security that's on scene for private property event and there is a need for law enforcement we'll be there



said Sheriff Federspiel.

Police have no suspects in custody at this time.

Saginaw Police are asking anyone who may have pictures from the pre-prom party Thursday to turn them into police.

Pictures may help them identify suspects in the case.