2 parents dead, 9 year old child shot in Imlay City

State Police responded when a 9 year old called for a domestic dispute. Later, his parents were found dead, and he was shot. 2 other children were also taken from the home.

In a quiet, middle class neighborhood residents were stunned at what happened inside a house on Palmer Street in Lapeer County.

I TMm really shocked, it really breaks my heart that something so tragic could happen right here in Imlay City, says Elizabeth Brady from Lum.

Police say a 9 year old boy called 9-1-1 begging for help. His parents, 42-year-old Marcel Stutz and 43-year-old Lara Stutz were having a heated argument. When police arrived, gunshots were fired from inside the house toward them. A hostage situation developed, so several police agencies responded. Imlay City TMs Police Chief John Stamo says it was very emotional knowing that kids were in the house. The family TMs safety is of the utmost importance to us, so it was a tough decision not to rush in.

3 hours later they did. That TMs when they found the bodies Marcel and Stutz. A 9 year old boy had been shot in the leg. He was taken to Lapeer Regional Hospital where he was treated. Two other children were also inside, hiding in an upstairs bathroom.

Neighbors say they can TMt believe something like this would happen here. Jacki Kane of Almont says any kind of situation like this is tragic for the children. What will they do? And especially at Christmastime a season of joy and giving.

Judy Paga of Dryden agrees. I know God will provide a support system from other family members for these kids and I hope God shows mercy on their mom and dad.

The young boy who was shot is expected to make a full recovery. The children have been released to their grandparents.