20-pound-carp running for city council?

Signs like this one have been appearing in Ann Arbor, asking for residents to vote for a 20-pound carp.

Would you vote for a 20-pound-carp over your current city council member?

In Ann Arbor, voters are being given just that choice, thanks to a write-in campaign. The carp, according to Michigan Public Radio, was pulled out of a pond in Ann Arbor a year ago, because it was destroying the ecosystem there.

Now, it appears, the carp has its sights set on being an Ann Arbor council member.

Signs have been appearing in support of the carpâ??s write-in campaign in Ann Arbor. Plus, while it is not known at this time if the fish has a social security number, it does have a social media account.

The Twitter account tweets in support of the write-in campaign for the carp, giving what it claims are the carpâ??s positions on different issues.

It isnâ??t known right now who is behind the tongue-in-cheek write-in campaign. The Twitter account indicates that a write-in for the carp is intended to be a form of political protest. One tweet said, â??A snide write-in vote in a time-honored means of political protest, but at least vote for a local and not some fictional Star Wars chump.â??