2012 Spring Home and Garden Show

Items created by Corinna Thompson, the Business Owner of Falling Star Gardens.

Does your roof need fixing? Have you gotten the itch to start planting flowers because of the nice weather lately? Well, before you head outdoors, there are some things you need to know.

Corinna Thompson, the Business Owner of Falling Star Gardens said, people at the 2012 Spring Home and Garden Show in Flint asked her a lot of questions. She said they wanted to know "the differences between perennials and annuals." Thompson's response was, "perennials come back every year. The annuals don't."

Thompson said she has a green thumb.

"You never have a black thumb or a brown thumb, everybody has a green thumb," she added.

Therefore, when it comes to gardening, Thompson knows her stuff.

"If it's by a tree you have to deal with their roots or the shade. . . a tree that drops things or has any kind of shedding, it usually contaminates the ground," Thompson said.

Next to Thompson's booth, Matt Wycoff's nice layout was not the only reason people wanted to hear what his company, Outdoor Solutions was about. The mild weather drew them in.

"Our store has been open seven days a week for the last three weeks already. Which we've never seen in March. . . so we're about a month ahead. Which is good for business but not necessarily good for plants," Wycoff responded.

Wycoff said this because, if we have a cold spell then the plants could freeze. Which may potentially damage his hard work.

Nonetheless, for every vender involved, the show was a good opportunity to get new business while doing what they love.

"It's fulfilling. You see the plants grow and the things that you make it starts out with nothing and creates something," said Thompson.