2013 Crim Festival of Races success for pros and amateurs

By now aches and pains are setting in for those who ran the 37TH annual Crim this morning.

Whether running for time or running for pleasure the Crim festival of races 2013 is offering something for everyone to have a little bit of fun. And runners say that today was the perfect day for the race.

The 2013 two-day festival with a handful of races is meeting the needs of all participants.

"Itâ??s either a run or a walk, Iâ??m running but I know ill be walking for some of it too and Iâ??m just doing the 5k," said 5K runner Krista Beers.

For others like Kenyaâ??s Julian Kogo the pace is a hair faster and about 7 miles longer. After breaking the tape this year Kogo is the races first four-peat winner.

"I am happy because the first one the second one the third this is my fastest time and my PB also in ten mile," said Julius Kogo.

Kogo says he did it for his team and country; a similar feeling even for those out for a jog.

"Mostly for my dad and America. Itâ??s just cool to say I did it,â?? said 5K racer David Elwart.

"its quite an accomplishment you work very hard for it just in training and just finishing that line is an accomplishment of all your hard work," said Beers.

Race Director Andrew Younger says this years turnout was excellent especially for the Friday night Michigan Mile and they are looking forward to putting it on next year.