2014 Flint built Chevy Silverado debuts in Detroit

Chevrolet is coming off their best sales year ever after selling more than five million cars and trucks.

Monday at the North American International Car Show Chevy announced they are the fastest growing automotive brand in the world.

In 2014 Chevy will launch 20 new models, including the all-new Silverado that was introduced to the public for the first time.

Marie Rohrer Chevrolet Trucks Marketing Director says, â??Itâ??s what we call a major, all new from hook to hitch.â??

The 2014 Silverado Light Duty and HD models will be made in Flint and will be launched in the second quarter of 2013.

The redesigned truck features an all-new powertrain that will work in conjunction with a trio of engines to ensure top performance.

â??If you have an eight cylinder or six cylinder it will seamlessly transition to a four cylinder under lighter load conditionsâ??, says Rohrer.

Chevy has also retooled the interior with extended and crew cab options. It will include new seats, instrument panels, and a way for consumers to connect their smart phones to the â??infotainmentâ?? system. Drivers will be able to upload information from their phones and make the vehicle wifi capable.

Chevy officials say they are committed to helping rebuild America while keep production alive in Genesee County.

Rohrer says, â??We are committed to Flint. Flint is one of the places we will continue to build these great trucks and you can count on that from Chevroletâ??