3 charged in connection to giant party in West Michigan

      Brittany Lee Johnson

      Three people have been charged in connection to the rave that drew nearly 2,000 people to a West Michigan home.

      According to WPBN, 20-year-old Brittany Lee Johnson, 21-year-old James Michael Taylor, and 20-year-old Daniel Edward Misner were all charged with a violation of the Liquor Control Act. Specifically, furnishing a location for the use of alcohol and collecting money.

      The three people charged are accused of organizing the event and charging for parking, with alcohol present.

      They face a one-year felony and a $1,000 fine.

      So far, only Johnson is in custody. Police are looking for Misner, and, WPBN says, police believe Taylor has fled to California.

      Reports of a rape and multiple drug overdoses came in to police during the giant party.