40 dogs rescued in Midland County; owner charged with animal cruelty

More than 40 were rescued from a home in Midland County. They're now at a sheltie rescue in Gladwin County and for many, it will be a long road to recovery.

Wimpering is the sign of life Robin Mathews is looking for. Since rescuing 40 malnourished dogs, six litters of puppies have been born. Some weighing just four ounces.

â??Nine ounces for a sheltie is just more normal,â?? says Mathews.

The dogs were rescued from Jean Hansenâ??s Midland County home.

â??The neighbors were concerned because they had a great numbers living in close quarters,â?? says Scott Stephenson, Midland County sheriff. â??There was a lot of noise those animals would make as far as the barking, they were fighting,â?? he adds.

â??If I was to drive by this house on a normal day, I would think it's abandoned or condemned,â?? says Neil Wackerle with the Midland County Humane Society.

Hansen is charged with animal cruelty.

She spent two nights in the Midland County jail.

â??Iâ??d never seen anything quite like this,â?? says Sheriff Stephenson.

â??The dogs were very timid and shy, scared. Didn't really have much human interaction,â?? says Wackerle.

But now thereâ??s a happy bark---all thanks to the Michigan sheltie rescue.

â??She didn't receive much nutrition. So she's going to struggle for a little bit,â?? says Mathews.

â??Theyâ??re doing a lot better then they were,â?? says Wackerle.

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