40°+... Has it really been that long?

Although today's high temperature was exactly the same as that of February 21st, the sunshine and time of day (late afternoon) the high temperature occurred made today feel a lot more pleasant!

40-degree weather seems like a rarity in the Winter of 2013-14, but it really hasn't been more than a couple of weeks since we've experienced temperatures like this.

Back on February 21st, Flint hit 47° at 1:41am just before a cold front arrived (see image 1).

This actually occurred at the tail-end of a stretch of four consecutive days of 40-degree (or warmer) high temperatures that included 42 on the 18th, 44 on the 19th, and 45 late in the evening on the 20th.

However, these days were largely overcast and each of them produced at least a trace of precipitation.

Therefore, I think they went unnoticed and under-appreciated by a lot of Mid-Michiganders (and rightfully so!).

Since it was sunny with light winds today, people noticed how mild it was and it seems like ages since we've had a day like this!

So here's another way to look at it: Today was the first 40°+ day WITH SUNSHINE we've experienced since January 13th (image 1 again).

We won't completely lose the sunshine this weekend, but temperatures will take a temporary dip before warming again on Monday.

For a complete look at your 7-day forecast, see image-2.