7 Loaves fair trade shop opens in downtown Grand Blanc

Products like these can be purchased at 7 Loaves in Grand Blanc.

The store looks like an upscale boutique, but it is actually a fair trade shop dedicated to empowering women.

7 Loaves just opened its doors in the heart of downtown Grand Blanc.

The store is filled with hand bags, baskets, jewelry and home accessories, all made by women in developing nations from Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central South America.

The owners say that when consumers make a purchase, they are touching lives across the globe.

"They can make a good wage that they are asking for, a daily wage. And this allows them to send their children to school ... that's what you're helping . You're helping human growth, dignity, " said Robin Martini.

A current goal for 7 Loaves is to buy a solar panel for a community in Swaziland.