79-year-old woman wakes from coma and asks for Bob Seger

Evie Branan woke up after being in a coma for five years, asking about Bob Seger.

The first words spoken by 79-year-old Evie Branan after waking up from a 5-year coma wasn't asking what had changed or how her family was.

She asked if she could go see Bob Seger in concert.

Branan has been a resident of Willowbrook Manor in Flint Township. A little over 5 years ago she had a stroke, which eventually lead to memory loss and her coma.

Now she is awake with her memories intact, and it all happened after she fell from her bed and hit her head.

Tomorrow night Branan will get her wish and get to see Bob Seger in concert and is even expected to meet him.

She will have backstage passes and even get driven to the show at the Palace of Auburn Hills in a limousine.