8-year-old girl flies plane

It TMs not too often you see an 8-year-old helping to fly a plane, but over the skies of Midland it happened.

NBC25 went along for the ride and has this uplifting story.

She TMs just 8 years old, but Haley Jaster is about to do something not many grown ups have done.

"It TMs going to be fun," said 8-year-old Haley Jaster.

Jaster is getting a lesson in flying, her instructor; Mike Woodley coordinates the Young Eagle Program at Jack Barstow Airport in Midland.

"We are enlightening them to not only piloting, but other jobs that are available in the aviation industry," said Mike Woodley, the Coordinator of the Young Eagle Program.

Jaster says good-bye to her family, her dad says a small prayer, and then she jumps in the co-pilot chair for a pre-flight briefing.

"The seatbelt, you lift up on the silver buckle," said Woodley.

Next, it's time for take off.

Within seconds, Jaster's in the air watching the whole world go by at a whole new level.

Its fun to look down and see what is going on, on the ground," said Jaster.

"Usually they are really surprised at how small the cars, and the houses, and people are down below," said Woodley.

Woodley makes sure all of his students get a hands-on experience, that's why he lets them co-pilot the plane.

"Let's turn to the right and head towards Saginaw Bay," said Woodley.

"I never flew a plane before, and now I actually am," said Jaster.

Jaster takes in the sky-high view one last time, before she helps Woodley land the plane.

"She did very well, she paid attention and helped me with the controls," said Woodley.

"Its fun flying, but it TMs good to be back on the ground at the same time," said Jaster.

Jaster's dad couldn't agree with her more.

Weather pending, you'll find the Young Eagles flying at the Jack Barstow Airport every second Saturday of the month.

For more information, call (989) 274-1683.